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A kind of mesh up between video chat and chatroulette, Airtime allows users to connect with friends or strangers at the click of a button. If you are over 13 and have a Facebook account, using Airtime is as simple as connecting your Facebook account to the servers and start chatting. The platform is extremely simple to use and is perhaps one of the most effective ways to chat with your Facebook friends. The whole screen is taken up by the chat platform with one half of the screen displaying your video feed and the other half displaying the person you are chatting with. All that is required to use the software is a flash-enabled browser, meaning you can easily use it on a smartphone or tablet device. As well as being able to chat with any of your Facebook friends who are using the app, Airtime also allows users to click a button in the middle of the screen called ‘Talk to Someone’, which connects you with a random person.

Airtime Features
Airtime has a few cool features that not many other free chat services provide including:

• Easily connect to the service by allowing Facebook permissions
• See your friends list on the side of the screen, including profiles, pics, videos, interests etc.
• Ability to leave a video message if your call isn’t answered
• Click ‘Talk to Someone’ to initiate a random chat session
• Remain anonymous unless you accept a friend request from someone
• See trending interests on Facebook at the bottom of the screen
• Earn achievements to increase your rating

What We Like
Although quite a simple idea, Airtime offers users an easy and convenient way to chat with their Facebook friends and with strangers if they wish. The integrated social media aspect of the site means you don’t have to spend ages filling in a profile and can immediately find your friends with minimal fuss. Additional features such as the random chat function adds to the enjoyment of using the service.

What We Don’t Like
Although users only need to be over the age of 13 and have a Facebook account, there is still a lot of adult content on the service, especially in the random chat function. This means you may have to navigate a lot of inappropriate webcam streams before finding someone ‘normal’ to chat with.

Overall, Airtime is a neat little application that simply offers another way to video chat with your Facebook friends. The interface is smooth and the connection speed is generally quite good. The integrated random chat feature is an excellent idea but doesn’t live up to expectations and there are much better ways of chatting randomly with strangers available.

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It's pretty siple to use because you can just connect your Facebook account. I think there's probably a few better sites around though.

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Very average, there's better and there's worse around.