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A free to use chatroulette style site, BazooCam has some fierce competition but manages to remain quite popular. This is mainly down to the international appeal of the site, with the service offered in numerous language it attracts people from all four corners of the globe. However, there is also a nice feature that allows you to only connect with people in your local area, which is fantastic for anyone trying to make friends both on and off the site. Another little feature we enjoyed when using BazooCam is the ability to play games in the chat window when you are connected with someone. This can be a great conversation starter or simply a way to pass the time. It is also worth noting that although you must be 18 years or older to use the service, they have a strict team of moderators who will ban people for nudity or inappropriate behavior.

BazooCam Features
We found the features on BazooCam quite good, with a few unique touches that makes them stand out from the crowd such as:

• Free to use – just allow your webcam and click start
• Option to only connect with people in your local area
• Play games in the chat window
• Hotkeys to quickly move on to the next person
• Chat customization such as font color and size

Although these features are great and made for an enjoyable experience, we would like to see further features added in the future such as user profiles and the ability to chat with people from a specific country.

What We Like
There is a lot to like about BazooCam, with no frills you can jump straight into the action. In our time using the service we have never come across the same person twice which speaks volumes about the amount of other people using the site and the ability to play games and customize our chat certainly helped break the ice on a few occasions.

What We Don’t Like
Although it is quite easy to start playing roulette, there are a lot of ads on the homepage that can be a bit frustrating. However, this is a small price to pay for a free service. Another small downside is that there seems to be a lot of male users on the site who manage to avoid the moderators which can mean a lot of clicking next before finding someone actually worth talking to.

If you are looking to make friends, talk to people from around the world or share ideas than BazooCam is a great place to go. The features and feel of the site is geared towards having innocent fun with plenty of ways to interact with the people you meet. However, if you’re looking for random chat with more of an X-rated feel to it, than BazooCam might not be for you.

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This site is Ok, it's sometimes hard to find someone to chat to because everyone just skips straight away. I have found a few people who have stayed and chat though so it's kind of 50/50

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This site is fairly average, there aren't as many people online as some other roulette sites though