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If you’re looking for the best group chat sites around, Cam4Sites is the place to go. The site acts as a directory for group chat sites of all kinds including roulette style sites, chat room sites, and Cam4 alternative sites. The layout is precise and easy to navigate with the most popular group chat sites listed on the homepage and links on the top of the page to narrow down the kind of group chat site you’re seeking such as ‘Cam Girls’ or ‘Gay Cams’. If you want to learn more about a particular site, simply click on the link of the site that appeals to you and a comprehensive review of the site will appear. However, that isn’t all! Cam4Sites actually hosts most of the sites they review so you never actually have to leave the page to enjoy the perks of group chatting. Essentially Cam4Sites is group chatting made easy.

Cam4Sites Features
On Cam4Sites you can do the following for free:

• Find the most popular group chat sites
• Narrow down sites by finding only ‘Cam Girl’ or ‘Gay Cams’ group chat
• Read a comprehensive review on the site
• Use the chosen site without having to click on any links
• Share your favorite sites on social media
• Keep up to date with the latest sites easily
• Use all the features without having to sign up

What We Like
Sometimes it can be hard to find a great group chat site, especially if you’re looking for one in a specific niche. However, we love how easy it is to find a range of group chat sites on Cam4Sites. The best feature here is the ability to actually use the chosen site without ever having to leave Cam4Sites!

What We Don’t Like
There are no drawbacks to Cam4Sites if you are looking for group chat. However, if you are looking for one on one chat or another form of chat than you might need to find another site. Cam4Sites is only targeted towards group chatting and if that’s what you seek than you will be very pleased.

Overall, Cam4Sites makes it so easy to find and use group chat sites. The layout of the site is superb and makes it extremely easy to find your way around and seek out a site that suits your tastes. Once you have found the site, a detailed review along with the chat platform actually available without having to leave Cam4Sites makes it one of the most convenient site directories around.

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This site is brilliant for finding hot girls on cam!

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Chatting with more than one person at once without any taboos...perfect!

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Great site for finding hot group chat ;)