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A throwback to what chatroulette style sites looked like in the 1990s, CamBounce is an extremely simplistic live cam chat site. The site consists of a single page with the chat interface in the center and ads on either side. To use the service, simply allow the site access to your webcam and click ‘next’. That’s really about it, there are no integrated features such as choosing to chat with girls only or choosing to chat with users from a specific country. With such few features and customization options, you are bound to figure out this site pretty quickly. Once you get going, there does seem to be quite a few users online and we didn’t meet the same person more than twice which is certainly a good sign.

CamBounce Features
CamBounce hasn’t integrated any features beyond the absolute basic, however on the site you can:

• Quickly connect with hundreds of other users via webcam
• Start chatting within seconds
• Click the ‘next’ button to connect with a new webcam stream
• Learn how to use the site very quickly

What We Like
As seasoned users of chatroulette style sites, we found CamBounce extremely basic. However, we can see how it could appeal to someone who hasn’t tried playing cam roulette before as it is so easy to learn how to use this site. The number of users online is also a tick in the ‘what we like’ column for CamBounce.

What We Don’t Like
Unfortunately a couple of things. First of all, the ads are larger than the webcam interface which can become extremely irritating after a while, especially as there is no option to enlarge the other person’s cam. Secondly, the lack of filters to connect with girls only or people from a certain country is quite irritating and can lead to you clicking through a ton of guys before finding any girls.

For anyone who is confused by the more advanced or modern chatroulette style sites or doesn’t mind large ads on screen while they chat than CamBounce could be the place to go. However, there are many other chatroulette style sites out there that also don’t require any sign up and contain a much more user-friendly experience.

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This is one of the worst roulette sites ever! Check out for a proper roulette site!

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If you're looking for a great chat site there's loads listed here but this is not one of them.

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I see no reason why people would use this site when there's much better sites to use for free