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One of the less thrilling roulette style cam sites, CamFlower allows users to randomly connect with each other via webcam. The site is incredibly basic, with a single page consisting of a platform where the chat takes place, lots of ads, and a distracting flowery background. One thing that can be said for CamFlower is that it is extremely simple to use. Once you are on the page, simply allow the site access to your webcam and begin chatting. Unfortunately, you have no filters to control who you are chatting to and it may take quite a few clicks of the ‘next’ button before someone worthwhile pops up on your screen. There does seem to be quite a few people online, but many of these are poor quality cams or guys trying to find girls to chat with.

CamFlower Features
CamFlower is about as basic as you can get for a chatroulette style site and offers very few features. The few highlights include:

• Very simple and straightforward to use
• Begin chatting in seconds
• No sign up or registration information required
• Lots of users
• Easy to learn how to use the site

What We Like
For anyone who likes the absolute basic package, CamFlower does have some pluses. The interface is incredibly simple to use and we were connected to the chat platform within seconds of logging on to the website. Also, without the need to sign up or fill in any information you can use the service completely anonymously.

What We Don’t Like
There are much better chatroulette style sites around that contain all the benefits of CamFlower and much more. We don’t like the fact that you can’t filter people you are being connected with by geographical location, whether or not they have a webcam, or language. The background and ads on the site are also very distracting and with no full screen option it is difficult to concentrate for more than a few minutes.

Simply put, if you want to chat randomly with other people there are countless sites that offer a much more enjoyable experience than CamFlower. There does seem to be a lot of users on CamFlower, however, it took us ages to find any girls to talk to and when we did the quality of their webcam was very poor. If you don’t mind a basic interface, lots of ads, and no features than give CamFlower a try.

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grant231's picture


How is this site still going when there are so many great roulette sites like It get an extra star because I met a cool persson there but will peobably not be using it again!

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This site is sooooo old, I'm surprised anyone still uses it!!!

premier_baby000's picture


Just head somewhere else, don't even bother!