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A basic site that allows users to share live webcam feeds from around the globe, Camscape is an interesting site to spend some time on. The layout of the site is quite basic and has a bit of a retro feel, but is very simple to navigate and use. On the homepage you can quickly find live webcam broadcasts by region, search for a particular webcam, or upload your own live webcam stream. There are over 257 categories to choose from including geographical categories, stream type categories (such as office cams or nature cams), and cam of the day. At any given time there are around 1,500 live webcams located around the globe from city streets to famous landmarks and exotic remote locations. The webcam quality varies from cam to cam, however, many of the webcams broadcast live pictures continually and some even have sound capabilities.

Camscape Features
Although the site seems quite basic, there are a surprising number of features available on Camscape including:

• Easily find live webcam broadcasts from around the world
• Watch live webcams without any time limits or restrictions
• Upload your own webcam broadcast
• In-depth blog updated weekly
• Search for live webcams displaying topics or locations of interest
• Sort live webcams by popularity
• Easily find the newest live webcam streams

What We Like
Camscape offers something a bit different than other cam sites and it is easy to immerse yourself in the live webcam streams for hours at a time. We like how easy it is to find a live webcam on the other side of the world and how interesting some of the broadcasts are such as watching a high street in China, a national park in Australia, or even the view from someone’s backyard in the United Kingdom.

What We Don’t Like
Although the site functions quite well and features a good number of webcams, the design of the site leaves much to be desired. We can’t help but feel if the layout was updated and modernized, there would be even more lie webcams to view.

Overall, Camscape is a great site to spend a few hours on watching live webcams in foreign countries. There is something quite exciting about being able to see what’s happening on the other side of the world without having to leave your front room. The ease of use makes it easy to switch from watching one webcam to another and if you decide to upload your own live stream it can be exciting to know that people from all around the world are viewing it.

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There is no chat options on this site but it's actually kinda cool and you can watch live webcams from everywhere in the world!

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This is a great site to use if you have a few hours to spare...some amazing cam feeds!

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This is an interesting site, it's fun to watch live camms from around the world and sometimes you can spot something hilarious!