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First launched in 1999, Chat-Avenue is among one of the oldest chatroom hosts still going. The site still maintains a vintage style that makes it seem outdated, however, don’t let this fool you as it retains a huge and loyal database of users. They also constantly upgrade their software to ensure the chatting experience is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. There is a variety of chatrooms to choose from with categories including adult chat, singles chat, teen chat, sports chat, and general chat. The majority of the chatrooms are solely text based, however, they have recently implemented a video chatroom so that you can chat with other users on cam. To enter the chatroom, simply select the category of choice from the homepage, enter a nickname, and click ‘chat now’.

Chat-Avenue Features
Although it may not look like it from the homepage, the chat software itself is actually packed with features to enhance your chatting experience. Chat-Avenue offers all users:

• 100% free chat with no sign up
• An excellent variety of chatrooms to choose from
• Modern chatting platform powered by flash
• 1000’s of users online at all times
• In-chat customization such as changing font and text color
• Sort online users by name, sex, or webcam
• Display your webcam to other users
• Private message function

What We Like
As old style text-based chatrooms go, we think Chat-Avenue is certainly one of the best. It is extremely easy to get started and with no sign up required you can jump straight into the action. We really like the huge range of in-chat features which also add to the experience, especially the ability to private message or cam to cam with other users.

What We Don’t Like
Although Chat-Avenue has a lot to like about it, there are a couple of negative points. The first is that we would like to see a chatroulette feature added to the chatrooms. Chatroulette has become so popular recently and is very easy to install so we can’t imagine why they haven’t implemented the feature yet. The second drawback is the amount of spam in the chatrooms. Because there is no sign up required, anyone can access the chatrooms and spam very easily. However, we did notice people getting banned for spamming so at least there is some control.

If you’re looking for old style chatrooms that used to be the main way of socializing online before social media and chatroulette style sites, than Chat-Avenue is the place to go. Using the site can be very nostalgic and the high number of users’ means there is always someone to chat to. The spam can become annoying very quickly, however, it seems most users simply ignore it or move the conversation into private chat.

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I have used this site for many yearss to make new friends and meet new people. There is always someone worth talking to here and it is still mmy favorite chat site!

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This site is loads of fun and you can be guaranteed there will be a ton of people online to chat with!

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I've used this site for years and it's still great. There's always people online and loads of friends to make!