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A really cool chatroulette style site, ChatMeet allows users to meet each other online and chat via webcam or instant messenger. The site is very straight forward to use and you don’t even have to create an account to start meeting people. On the homepage you’ll find the chat platform where guests can chat anonymously by selecting their gender and location. You are then free to chat with the other users you are randomly connected with and even filter people you are connect with by gender and location. However, the site becomes really useful if you create a free account as it unlocks a host of features. Creating an account take only a couple of minutes and allows you to email message other users, create your own profile, and get connected with people you meet. This is a great feature that lacks from some other random chat sites and the ability to keep in touch with users you meet creates a whole other dimension to ChatMeet.

ChatMeet Features
Most features are accessible to users who log in as guests, however, there are some extra features for people who create an account. Features include:

• Get chatting quickly by simply entering your gender and location
• Thousands of users online at all times
• Safe chatting environment that is carefully moderated
• Available to use on a mobile device
• Create an account to add friends and send instant messages
• You can also create a profile to make it easier for others to find you

What We Like
ChatMeet is a great chatroulette site with the additional advantage of being able to keep in touch with people you meet. The site is easy to navigate and getting started is a breeze, even if you decide to create an account. There are thousands of people online, meaning you are unlikely to bump into the same person twice.

What We Don’t Like
Although the site is carefully moderated, some nudity does slip through the watchful eyes of the moderators and therefore you cannot be sure that you will avoid adult behavior. However, you can quickly skip a person who is behaving inappropriately and get connected with someone else.

We love the idea of being able to keep in touch with people you meet randomly and ChatMeet allows you to do just that. The site is a great mash-up between chatroulette and instant messaging with the ability to create profiles and keep in touch. Using the site is 100% free so it is certainly worth checking it out.

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100% Free
Free Chat
Trusted Site
Great Reputation
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This site is easy to use and works without any problems...I highly recommend it!

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I really enjoy this site as you can actually talk to people instead of clicking through naked guys!