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Among the first roulette sites introduced online, ChatRoulette connects users randomly to each other via webcam. The site has changed significantly in the last couple of years, introducing stricter rules and a sign up policy to use the service. This has led to a fall in the number of users compared to when it was at its peak, however, there still tends to be people in their thousands using the service. When first navigating to the site you are met with a simple, yet effective layout, with the rules clearly written in the text chat box. These include no nudity, no users under the age of 18, and no spam broadcasting. To begin chatting, you need to click the start’ button which will then bring up a box where you can log in or create a free account.

The chatting experience itself is quite smooth, with fast connections and plenty of people to meet. However, there is no option for adult chat and it is possible for users to report anyone who is acting inappropriately. If you are reported three times than your account and IP address is blocked from the site which can be quite frustrating. There is also a premium option to chat with girls or guys only, however, you have to pay a fee to use this service. When you are connected with a user, you can chat with them using a microphone, the text chat box, or both and use integrated features such as the drawing tool.

ChatRoulette Features
ChatRoulette offers users a handful of features when they sign up for a free account and extra features for those willing to pay for a premium account. These include:

• Chat randomly with thousands of people from around the world
• Adjust your microphone and webcam settings in-chat
• Create a profile with a bio, personal interests, etc.
• Settings to automatically connect or start random chat
• In-chat features such as drawing tool
• Premium account allows to meet only male or female users
• Premium account allows you to add contacts and connect with them whenever you are both online

What We Like
As one of the original random chat sites, we expected a lot from ChatRoulette and were certainly happy with some of the features. The site itself is well-designed and easy to use, with fast connections and a clear interface. The chatting experience itself is also a huge tick with numerous users and the ability to report anyone who isn’t following the rules.

What We Don’t Like
Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to ChatRoulette also. The fact that you have to sign up for an account before using the service is quite frustrating as there are many other random chat sites where you can jump straight in to the action. Also, the strict rules and the fact it is so easy to get banned means that many users seem to be jumping ship to less restrictive random chat options.

ChatRoulette provides an experience you would expect from a former giant of the industry. The site is well maintained, the features easy to use, and the number of people online number in the thousands. However, changes to the site over the last couple of years seem to have taken some of the shine off and the effort of having to create an account and obey strict rules means more and more users are jumping ship. Overall, if you want a random chat site that is safe and easy to use, than ChatRoulette can offer a pleasing experience.

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rocky218's picture


Not as good as it used to be and there's so many better roulette sites now I wouldn't really bother.

walcott9's picture


Although there's better random chat sites out there, chatroulette is still quite good. However I think that they can improve and catch up with the competition.

bumchum's picture


Man this site is so old now and has been overtaken by other better roulette sites!