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A group chat site that can be used in a web browser, downloaded onto a computer, or used via an app on a smartphone, FaceFlow advertises itself as a Skype alternative. The free to use software’s main selling point is the group chat feature which allows users to chat with up to three people at once, although it has many other functions that users can avail of. However, upon navigating to the site, it is initially unclear exactly what the service is. There is a slide show of people chatting and lots of ads, but very little information about how to use the software or what is required to start using it. The navigation on the site is difficult, but, once you find the ‘sign up’ button you can create a free account and begin using the software immediately. You can find and add friends to chat with on webcam or via text, invite up to three friends to participate in a conference call on webcam, and even play chatroulette and meet new people.

FaceFlow Features
Although you need to create an account to use FaceFlow, signing up is free and grants you access to the full range of features available. These include:

• Video chat directly from a web browser
• Add friends and search for people you know
• Video chat with up to three people at once
• Text chat options also available
• Download the software onto a computer or app onto a smartphone
• Create a guest call link for people who don’t use FaceFlow
• Play chatroulette using the software to meet other users
• Create a profile to help people find you easily

What We Like
We really like the idea behind FaceFlow as an alternative to Skype. The ability to use the service directly from a web browser as well as downloading it onto a smartphone is very convenient and allows you to stay connected anywhere. We also like the ability to conference call with up to three people, which isn’t offered by Skype, to send a guest link to friends who don’t use the service, and to play chatroulette.

What We Don’t Like
Unfortunately, for all the positive aspects of FaceFlow there are some glaring drawbacks which need to be addressed. The website requires a serious redesign to make navigation easier and clearly display what the software actually does for new users. We also think that it isn’t a suitable tool for business persons and is more suited to friends enjoying a casual conversation.

Once you actually manage to find your way around the site, sign up for an account, and figure out how to use the different features, FaceFlow is actually quite a good service. It is ideal for chatting with friends, especially as it can be used directly from a web browser and the ability to add up to three guests to a conversation makes enjoying group chat easy. If you’re looking for a free group chat platform with no downloads, FaceFlow is certainly worth a try.

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I was looking for a cool chat site and thought I'd give faceflow a try but was very diappointing. The service isn't great and there are better sites out there.

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I wouldn't bother using this site, there's never anyone online and the interface is soooo outdated!