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Exclusively available on Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad, iWatch, and iPod, FaceTime allows you to instantly and easily connect with friends who are also Apple users. Many Apple products come with FaceTime preinstalled so you don’t have to worry about finding and downloading it. The service is free if being used over Wi-Fi and only costs money if you use the service over a data connection. Apple products are perfectly designed for use with FaceTime as they come equipped with a front and back camera, allowing you to effortlessly chat on FaceTime. If you are an Apple user you can easily set up FaceTime by navigating to the settings on your Apple device, scrolling to FaceTime and clicking on the option which says ‘Use you Apple ID for FaceTime’. Then you simply enter your Apple ID, tap next, and choose which email address and phone number you would like to associate with FaceTime. Now you are ready to go and will find a FaceTime icon beside the contacts in your phone book who also use FaceTime.

FaceTime Features
There are tons of features packed into FaceTime, all of which are available for free if you are an Apple product user and include:

• Pre-installed on all Apple devices
• Front camera on iPod, iPhone, and iPad specifically designed for FaceTime
• Set up the service in just three simple steps
• Can be used over Wi-Fi or with a data connection
• Free to use unless using a data connection
• Chat with friends face-to-face easily and effectively

What We Like
FaceTime is a great application that all Apple users should have set up. The ability to call any of your friends who are also using FaceTime and being able to chat with them face-to-face is a great feature. We also like that there is no charge for the service unless you are using a data connection.

What We Don’t Like
Obviously the major drawback to FaceTime is that you have to own an Apple product if you want to use it. Even if you have an Apple product, you can only use the application with other people who have an Apple product.

If you have an Apple device, you should certainly be sure to set up FaceTime. Although it is quite limited because it is exclusive to Apple, it is still a great application when you are able to use it. The video quality is second to none, the front camera on Apple devices are specifically designed for FaceTime, and it is free if being used over Wi-Fi.

Price range: 
Free to use Over Wi-Fi; Charges Apply if Using a Data Connection
Free Chat
Trusted Site
Great Reputation
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I think there's better apps for video chattig on my iphone.

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It loses a star because I can't talk to my friends who don't have an iPhone using the app but it works really well!