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For anyone who regularly or even occasionally uses live cam websites, the idea of FlatFeeCams is hugely appealing. Essentially the site charges members a flat fee every month with which you gain unrestricted access to all areas of the site, including 15 hours a month of free live cams, cam to cam chat with models, HD cams in full screen mode, and live sex shows included. When browsing around the site it is clear that all of the models are European, so if you are into European girls then this is a good start, and there seems to also be a lot of choice when it comes to model age, hair color, breast size etc. The site arranges the models into ‘channels’ of which there are 27 and at least 21 live at all times. The channels are titles things like ‘Prague Girls 1’, Studio Cam HD’, and ‘Euro Hardcore’ which models on each channel changing a few times per week. Beyond the live cams, your membership doesn’t really offer anything else such as galleries and videos, although it does include a live free sex show, details of which are found in the calendar.

FlatFeeCams Features
All features on FlatFeeCams can be enjoyed once you have signed up and paid the membership, including:

• Pay a flat fee every month for unrestricted access to live cams
• Great range of models, all of whom are European
• 27 channels including ‘Prague Girls 1’, Studio Cam HD’, and ‘Euro Hardcore’
• Membership entitles you to 15 hours per month of free live cams
• Cam to cam and HD streams included in fee
• Access to a live free public sex show included in fee
• Rate and review each model to let other users know about them

What We Like
We think the idea of FlatFeeCams is one that many users of live cam sites have been waiting for. Although the fee includes only 15 hours of live cam time instead of it being an unlimited amount of the time, this is still much cheaper than pay per minute cam sites. We also like that quality isn’t compromised and the models are very willing to put on great shows.

What We Don’t Like
There are a couple of drawbacks to using a site such as FlatFeeCams including the recurring charges which are easy to forget about if you want to cancel your membership and the fact that it is quite difficult to have a private conversation with a model. Although you can chat cam to cam, there can still be other users in the chat room and therefore private chatting is never fully private.

If you are on a tight budget and want to enjoy live interaction with stunning models for more than a few minutes per month, FlatFeeCams could provide the solution. However, if you want to be able to chat in total privacy with a model or want to be able to keep in regular touch with a model than perhaps it is best to use another service.

Price range: 
Membership Costs $14.95 per Month for Unrestricted Access & 15 Hours of Free Live Cams; Membership is Monthly Recurring
Trusted Site
Great Reputation
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This is exactly what I've been looking for! The only reason it drops a star is that there aren't many models to choose from. Still great though!!

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I got really excited at the idea of flat fee cams. Thought I would save loads of money but you pay in terms of quality. It is much better to just go private on other cam sites