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A kind of mix-up between online dating and social networking, Fubar is a place where users can chat, play games, meet new people, and much more. When you first navigate to the site you are presented with a slick homepage detailing some of the features of the site and requesting you sign up or log in. Unfortunately, as a guest that’s as far as you can go and access to the full site is only granted upon the creation of a free account. The sign up only takes a few seconds and once you’ve completed registration you are taken to the full site, which in contrast to the homepage looks all over the place, cluttered, and extremely complicated. Here, you can look around and try to figure out the site or visit the extensive help section. There are loads of aspects to the site including chatrooms, playing games, sending gifts, searching members near you, becoming a fan of things, and way more. The site is hugely popular and always seemed to have over 50,000 users online at any given time, meaning there is always someone to chat with.

Fubar Features
It is completely free to use Fubar and you will never have to pay for membership unless you wish to purchase Fubar ‘bucks’ which allow upgrades and access to better features. It is also possible to gain Fubar ‘bucks’ through activity and completing different tasks. The following features are available on Fubar, although some may require ‘bucks’:

• 100% free to sign up and use the site
• Thousands of members online at all times
• Huge range of chat rooms which are heavily populated
• In-depth profiles with pictures, links, videos, and more
• Play games with other members
• Search members by location, age, interests etc.
• Send gifts and private chat with other members
• Combination of an online community and online dating site
• App available for smartphones and tablets

What We Like
There are so many aspects to Fubar, it is easy to lose time on the site and spend hours browsing profiles, chatting in the chatrooms, and playing games. Because the site combines social networking and online dating, you can easily make friends as well as romantic interests and for many people Fubar is a major part of their lives. The ability to use the app means you can continue chatting and flirting on the go.

What We Don’t Like
We felt a little bit deceived when comparing the slick layout of the homepage and the cluttered layout of the full site. It can take quite a while to figure everything out on Fubar because there are so many aspects to the site and the layout isn’t great. Having said that, if you spend some time on the site you should figure it out quite quickly.

Overall, Fubar is a different kind of online dating site, concentrating on making a community on top of romantic fun. The site can be used completely free of charge, although to use some of the better features you will need to earn or pay for Fubar ‘bucks’. With so many different things to do and so many users always online, you are sure to spend a lot of time on Fubar.

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Free with Sign Up & Upgraded Features Available with the Purchase of Fubar 'bucks'
Free Chat
Trusted Site
Great Reputation
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dashiboy328989's picture


Ok, so it's taken me about 2 days to figure out what the hell is going on with fubar but now that I've figured it out I really like it! You need to be patient but it's worth it!

champstamp78's picture


Not too sure about the dating bit but the chatting part is always full and fun!

alaba2's picture


This site is amazing! If you think its complicated when you sign up just give it time!