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With the tag ‘where homos dish everything’, Homorazzi is the hottest online gay magazine around. Not specifically chat orientated, it is more of a community where you can catch up with the latest gay news. The site is pleasant to use with all the main news stories on the homepage, updated daily, a list of categories along the left side of the page, and contact option on the top of the page. Beyond the main news stories, you can also find out what’s happening in the gay community in music, TV shows, celebrity gossip, fashion, movies, random personal stories, the special totally gay! Section. There is a link where you can meet the cast (the writers) who contribute to the magazine and you can easily follow them on social media or contact them with any stories you want published. They also have a dating section where you can hook up with other readers of the magazine and discuss the latest news in the gay community.

Homorazzi Features
The whole site is run like a community and completely free to use. You will find the following features on Homorazzi:

• The latest and hottest news updated regularly
• Find out the latest gay celebrity gossip
• Read about the gay community in music and television
• Find random reads written by gay guys and lesbians
• Follow the magazine on social media
• Send them interesting topics for future articles
• Meet other readers in the dating section

What We Like
There is simply no better place to find the latest news and gossip in the gay community than on Homorazzi. There are new articles uploaded constantly and the social media accounts boast of a huge following. The dating section of the site is also heavily populated and a great way to meet other readers.

What We Don’t Like
Although Homorazzi is excellent for catching up on news, it doesn’t have many chat options bar the dating section. If you are solely looking to chat, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

If you want to keep up to date with the latest news, trends, and gossip in the gay community there is no better source than Homorazzi. The site is simple to use and regularly updated to ensure you stay in the loop. The standard of writing is also very high on the site and there are some excellent articles. It is also worth checking out the dating section to meet other readers.

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billbailey334's picture


It's more of a community than a regular chat site but you will make friends really quickly and have a great time.

ramieres77's picture


This is how I like my chat sites ad magazines - the best for gay news!

john_52's picture


This is easily the best gaay site around...love the news and gossip section :)