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An adult only chatroulette style site that allows users to rate each other, HotxChat is one of the most popular adult sites around. The site uses a chat platform that is similar to many other random chat sites, allowing you to connect to the chat in just two clicks. The first things you need to do is allow the site access to your webcam so that you can be rated by other users and show why you deserve to be rated hot. The second click is to start the chat supplication and connect with a random stranger. HotxChat is completely free to use and perhaps this is the reason why it boasts over 40,000 people online at all times. While you’re chatting with someone you can rate them hot or not hot and see how many votes other users have given them. You can even give them a few tips to help them increase their rating! When you’re ready to rate someone else simply click the ‘next’ button and you will be connected with a new partner.

HotxChat Features
All features on HotxChat are completely free and although the features are similar to other roulette chat sites they have some unique ones too including:

• Easy to get started with just two clicks
• No sign up forms, simply click ‘allow’ and then ‘begin’
• Over 40,000 people online at all times
• Designed for adults only so you have no worries about getting naked
• Rate each user hot or not hot
• See how many ratings they have received from other users
• Click ‘next’ to connect with a new partner

What We Like
There are tons of roulette style chat applications around, however, HotxChat manages to stand out with its rating system. The ability to not only rate, but to see what other people have rated is a great idea and can lead to some interesting conversations!

What We Don’t Like
Although HotxChat is a great site to use, it does seem to have a large number of guys online. We have found you will have to click through an average of 10 guys to find one girl, however, there are girls there if you look hard enough.

If you’re bored of standard chatroulette and don’t mind being rated by other people, HotxChat is certainly worth a try. The chat platform is easy to use and you can get chatting with just two clicks – no signup, no forms, and no fees.

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There's no-one on this site exceot for the same two guys jacking it. I like the idea but it needs more people!

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This site got revamped a while ago and since then has been rubbish. Bring back the old design!