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A free chat application for Windows, ICQ allows you to easily keep in touch with friends and family via text chat and video chat. The application is available to download on PC, Windows 8, Mac OSX, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and other platforms meaning you can keep in touch with people from practically anywhere! The app layout is excellent and a lot of thought has gone into the design, making it user-friendly and speedy in performance. Finding your friends on ICQ is also a breeze as you can add people directly from the contacts on your smartphone or find them by searching for their username. The instant messaging service is excellent as you can see which of your friends are online and see when they have read your message. You can also send a variety of fun stickers or call them on video for a face to face to chat. Another great benefit of ICQ is the ability to make low-cost phone calls to landline numbers or completely free calls to friends who also have the app installed.

ICQ Features
There are tons of features available for ICQ users and to use them all you need to do is download the app onto your computer or smartphone and setup a free account. Features include:

• Superb interface and layout
• Instantly add friends from a contact list
• Instant message or video call contacts
• Low-cost landline calls and free calls to other users of the app
• 100% free account
• Send fun free stickers in chat
• See who’s online and if they’ve read your messages
• Available on a range of platforms including PC, Windows 8, Mac OSX, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and other platforms

What We Like
Finding a fun and easy way to keep in touch with friends isn’t as simple as it seems and ICQ had provided an excellent solution. The interface makes navigation on the app simple and setting up an account also couldn’t be easier. Additional features such as video calls, free voice calls to other users, and low-cost landline calls make ICQ a winner.

What We Don’t Like
If you are looking to meet new people, ICQ isn’t the best app to use. It is completely geared towards keeping in contact with people you already know and there is no function to search for random people to chat with.

If you are seeking a lightweight and easy to use application to help you keep in touch with friends for free, ICQ is the way to go. The app size is quite small on all devices so won’t take up much room and allows you instantly message people and see when they’re online or have read a message. The video chat and voice call function is also very stable and has much better quality than some other apps.

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There are loads of better chat applications you can get but it's Ok I guess.

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Great chat app for keeping in touch with people you know, not so great for meeting new people.

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I like thiis application but don't use it as much as Skype and Whatsapp