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Branding itself as the largest growing instant social networking application around, iWebcam offers users the chance to connect with strangers in super-fast and modern chatrooms. The slick design of the chatrooms is reflected in the design of the homepage which is modern, fresh, and easy to navigate. It clearly states what the application is, how to use it, and offers a link to get to the chatrooms or download the software. Users can then go to the chatrooms and log in as a guest or register an account for free and receive additional benefits. There are literally thousands of chatrooms as any registered guest can create and manage their own chatroom. The two main types of chatrooms are many to many rooms where everyone can view everyone else’s webcam and one to many chatrooms where one person broadcasts to all the other people in the room. There are tons of features to avail of in the rooms such as the ability to ignore other users, an interaction button, and the ability to send and receive flirts.

iWebcam Features
As one of the most well-designed chat applications online, iWebcam boasts a huge number of features. Most of the features are accessible to guests and all are accessible to users who have created a free account. Features include:

• Super-fast chat rooms with tons of users
• Ability to broadcast and watch live webcams of other users
• Create your own chatroom and add it to your website
• Ignore feature blocks others from contacting you
• In-chat text and font customization
• Interact with other users by sending invites, flirts, and adding them to a favorites list
• Send and receive private messages
• Smartphone and tablet app coming soon

What We Like
From the moment we navigated to iWebcam’s homepage we absolutely loved the experience. The design of the site and the chatrooms is second to none and it is easy to see why they have so many users. We also love the huge number of features, especially the ability to create our own chatroom and the interact features.

What We Don’t Like
The only small drawback that we can think of is that some of the other users’ webcam quality wasn’t of the best standard. However, this is not the fault of the chatting software and simply because they are using a low quality webcam to broadcast.

If you’re looking for a chat site that has a huge range of chatrooms, the ability to create your own chatroom, and doesn’t even require registration to use, iWebcam is the site for you. We are sure you will be blown away by the huge range of features on offer and will enjoy the experience as much as we do.

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This is the perfect chat site with social networking, hot girls, and naked fun all rolled into one!

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The perfect site to meet new people and have fun whle keepig in touch!

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Really interesting chat site with social networking built in...if you want something different you'll enjoy this!