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An incredible webcam software application that allows you to broadcast your webcam live on numerous chat sites at the same time, ManyCam is an essential companion for people who love to chat! The software is available to download onto your computer or smartphone and has a variety of functions to enhance you online video chatting experience. Once the software is installed on your chosen device, you can connected the application to your webcam and then use ManyCam as the chosen video and audio source for any chat site that broadcasts webcams. The ability to broadcast your live webcam to numerous chat sites at the same time means you can enjoy using several different chatrooms at once or if you are a performer can expand your target audience to more than one cam site. ManyCam has some other fantastic features such as the ability to add effects to a live feed, draw on your video stream in real time, and quickly switch between different webcam sources.

ManyCam Features
For a lightweight and free software, ManyCam comes packed with features including:

• Broadcast your live webcam to several chat sites simultaneously
• Use your mobile phone as a webcam source
• Quickly switch between different audio and video sources
• Create your own webcam effects
• Draw on the live video in real time
• Add incredible microphone effects
• Capture and record gameplay
• Integrate the software with YouTube

What We Like
With so many different video chat sites around it can be extremely frustrating having to choose and use only one at a time. For instance, there may be tons of people in one chat site, but you don’t want to miss what’s happening in another. Using ManyCam solves that problem in an efficient and easy to use way.

What We Don’t Like
As a user there really isn’t any drawbacks to using ManyCam as it provides the exact service it promises. However, this kind of software can let people easily put up fake streams so it is worth bearing that in mind when using video chat sites.

A genuine solution to being able to chat on more than one site at a time, ManyCam is an essential software for those who love to video chat. The ability to use more than one site at a time is fantastic, but other features such as being able to use you smartphone as a source can help you create awesome shows when chatting. The software is completely free to use and we highly recommend giving it a try!

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Someties it frezzes but otherwise its a really good app to use on chat sites!

darmian522's picture


I gave it a try and now use it reguarly when chatting

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This is perfect for chatting on loads of sites at once...give it a go!