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A really cool extension for chat platforms such as Windows Live and Skype, MessengerPlus! gives its users full customization options for their chat. The extension is free to download from their site and due to its small size only takes a few seconds to download and install. Once the extension is installed you can use it on any compatible chat platform to get more from your chatting experience such as plugins, skins, scripts, sounds, emoticons, and more. You can send flash animated emoticons to cheer up someone’s day or flirt with a cheeky smiley. You can change the skin on your messenger to make it more personal, play awesome sounds and share them with friends, record your webcam chats, and keep track of your text chat logs. There is even an active community which can be accessed via the ‘Smartbar’ which come pre-installed automatically. The extension is completely free to use and is well worth downloading to give you a more enjoyable chatting experience.

MessengerPlus! Features
For such a small extension, it is very powerful and has tons of features including:

• Quick download and installation
• Compatible with Windows Live and Skype
• Cheer up your chats with flash animated emoticons
• Style your messenger with awesome skins
• Record all audio and video conversations with the click of a button
• Track all your text-based conversations and print if desired
• Customize the sounds on your messenger with cool sound packs
• Interact with the community via the ‘Smartbar’

What We Like
Although the main purpose of chatting is talking to the other person, it doesn’t do any harm to have a bit of customization and that’s exactly what MessengerPlus! provides. There are so many cool features with this lightweight extension that allow you to personalize your chats and even record them to watch or read later.

What We Don’t Like
There are lots of sites which offer the download of MessengerPlus!, however, we highly recommend downloading it from the official site using the link above. Many of the other sites download harmful malware along with the extension and the only way to be sure you are safe is to download from the official site.

If you’re bored of looking at the same old skins on your messenger, using the same boring emoticons, or not being able to record funny moments during your chat, MessengerPlus! is the perfect extension for you. It is free, quick and easy to download, and the interface is wonderfully simple to understand.

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I like being able to customize stuff when I chat and this has loads of features. I recommend it.

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Loads of features and well worth downloading.

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Pretty nice app to customize your chat :)