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A different kind of free chat site, MnogoChat has collected all the most popular video chat sites from around the world, organized them and made them easy to access and use. The site is really well laid out with a clear category menu along the left side of the page and large preview boxes of each chat taking up the main part of the page. There are no signup forms to fill out, simply browse the site, find a chat option you like, and you will be able to enjoy chatting without ever having to leave the site. The main focus of the site is to categorize each chat platform by country or culture and you can enjoy options such as German chat, French chat, Russian chat, Spanish chat, and of course USA chat. Beyond the international versions of video chat, MnogoChat also hosts quirky forms of chat such as the bottle game which can be great fun.

MnogoChat Features
All features on MnogoChat are automatically available to everyone as there is no registration required to use the site. They include:

• Integrated video chat – chat without leaving the site
• Chats organized by country – France, Germany, Russia, USA, Spain, Italy, and many more
• Great way to learn a new language or about a different culture
• Other video chat platforms such as the bottle game on the site
• Easy to use layout and navigation
• Great way to make new friends from around the world

What We Like
We like it when sites make it easy for use to find and use a service and MnogoChat does exactly that. The categorizations of video chats by country is a unique idea and one that we really like as it makes it so easy for us to meet someone from another culture without having to pass by tons of people first.

What We Don’t Like
The number of different video chats on MnogoChat is currently quite limited and we would like to see a larger collection of chats from other countries. However, all the main countries are there so if you want to talk in any popular language you can.

If you’re in search of an easy way to chat with people from specific places around the world, MnogoChat is the site for you. The service they provide is excellent, not only because it’s free, but because it’s convenient. If you’re tired of trying to find a partner to chat with from say, Germany, just head to MnogoChat and into the German video chat room to meet tons of German people!

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This is a good site for meeting people from different countries. I like to use this site to meet Russian people because I love their culture!

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Pretty good site with loads of people to make friends with :)