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Among the best-known random chat sites, Omegle allows users to connect with strangers via webcam or on text chat. The site is extremely popular and boasts several thousand users online at all times, meaning you will always have new strangers to connect with. Upon landing on the homepage you are presented with the option to chat via text only or via video. The random text chat section connects you with a stranger where you can talk about anything without having to show yourself on cam. There is also a text question mode which allows you to ask a question and watch two strangers discuss the answer or answer a question with a stranger. In the video section you can connect your webcam and meet strangers who are also displaying their webcam. The video chat section is heavily moderated and regularly features users who are under the age of 18 so it is essential to keep the chat clean in video chat. For random adult chat there is an unmoderated section where users must be 18+.

Omegle Features
There are several features available on Omegle that are automatically available to all users without the need for registration. These include:

• Thousands of users online at all times
• Random text chat with a stranger
• Ask or answer random questions posed by other users
• Chatroulette using your webcam
• Moderated video chat ensures no nudity
• Unmoderated video chat section for adults aged 18+
• College student chat for users with a college email address
• In-chat customization such as microphone volume and webcam size

What We Like
Since its inauguration, Omegle has grown into one of the most popular random chat sites around and this means there is always a huge amount of people to chat with. We like that you can chat randomly via text only as this is perfect for those who are shy about appearing on webcam. We also like how easy it is to navigate on the site.

What We Don’t Like
Although Omegle claims to be heavily moderated on its homepage, we have found from our experience that it is very difficult to avoid nudity and inappropriate material in the video chat section. Many of the users on this site are under the age of 18 and the site really needs to enforce its moderation or change the age requirements to make it a better environment.

Overall, Omegle is a great place to spend a few hours meeting random strangers. There are options for everyone from text chat for the shy to unmoderated video chat for those who want to get naked. The regular video chat is open to everyone, but it is worth remembering that many of the users in this section continue to behave in an adult manner.

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This used to be such a great site but has really gone downhill lately. I would recommend one of the newer roulette sites like chatrondom which is way more fun.

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A classic chat site that I still use but it seems that the people on it are getting more fake and the fun people are going elsewhere.