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An alternative to Omegle, OmeglePro is a random chat site that advertises itself as a place without moderation and rules. This is really its main selling point and although there are users in their hundreds on OmeglePro, it really doesn’t have the numbers of other chatroulette style sites. Upon landing on the homepage, a popup box appears that explains what the site is all about and that they are currently in a beta stage and adding more features. We have been using this site for over a year now and have seen this box pop up every time without the addition of any features so feel like it might be an empty promise. Once you close the box, everything you need to chat is on the one page. Surrounding the chat platform are tons of ads which can prove quite distracting after a while. Nonetheless, to connect to the chat simply allow the site access to your webcam and hit the ‘start’ button. You can then easily move on to the next stranger by clicking the ‘next’ button to chat with lots of different people in one session.

OmeglePro Features
The features on OmeglePro aren’t as plentiful as on other random sites or indeed as on Omegle, however, there are some features including:

• Hundreds of users online at all times
• No moderation or rules to abide by
• Start chatting in two clicks
• 100% free to use
• Ability to broadcast and watch live webcams in HD
• Accepts the use of multi-webcam software

What We Like
We agree in theory with the need for an Omegle alternative where users can chat without any rules or moderation and OmeglePro takes baby steps in fulfilling that need. The easy use of the chat platform coupled with the ability to stream and watch cams in HD is certainly a big tick in the benefits column.

What We Don’t Like
Unfortunately, the drawbacks are also quite evident with not as many users online as other random chat sites, lots of ads surrounding the chat platform, and some streams taking an age to load by which time the other person has already clicked the ‘next’ button.

If you’re looking for an Omegle alternative that allows adult behavior and nudity, OmeglePro might not be the answer. For every benefit there seems to be a drawback and the promised addition of extra features never seems to arrive. Having said that, the service is completely free to use so there is no harm in giving it a try.

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100% Free
Free Chat
Free Cam Shows
Trusted Site
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Thanks for the recommendation, I've been looking for a site that doesn't have the hundreds of rules that omegle has. Great site!

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Its good because its free but also annoying because there aren't many people online and annoying ads.