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Of the numerous alternatives to Omegle, OmegleSpin ranks among the best both in terms of features and in terms of users. The random chat site offers users the chance to connect with other random users in a fresh and modern chat interface without any imposing rules or moderations. Upon navigating to the site you are presented with an ad-free and modern chat interface which is the perfect size to fit the screen on your computer. All that is required to begin chatting is to click ‘allow’ so that the site can access and broadcast your webcam and then to click ‘start’ to begin spinning and meeting strangers. If you are unhappy with the stranger you meet, simply click ‘next’ and you will be instantly connected with someone new. There is a large text box that can be used to chat with the other person on screen or you can allow your microphone and simply chat. OmegleSpin also offers the ability to filter users by country and by whether or not they have enabled their webcam.

OmegleSpin Features
For a site with such a sleek, yet simple layout, OmegleSpin offers a ton of features including:

• 100% free to use – no signup required
• Thousands of other users online at all times
• Connect with just two clicks
• Easily move on to the next person by clicking ‘next’
• Filter users by country or webcam enablement
• Chat in text or via microphone
• In-Chat customization such as webcam size and microphone sound level

What We Like
Modern, simple, effective – that’s how we would describe OmegleSpin. The whole experience on the site is a pleasure from the simple two clicks to get started through to the high performing chat interface and the ability to easily filter the users you are chatting with. Of course, we also love that is completely free to use!

What We Don’t Like
The only minor drawback to OmegleSpin is that because the site has become so popular and there are so many users it can be quite difficult to find girls to chat with. From our experience about 1 in 6 people are girls so you might have to do a lot of ‘next’ clicking if you are looking for girls to chat with.

As an Omegle alternative, OmegleSpin is the king of them all. The site offers exactly what one would desire from a chatroulette site – a clean and modern layout, simple navigation, easy to get started in two clicks, a large chat interface, filters so you can choose who you are connected with, and tons of users. If you are looking to chat with random strangers, we recommend giving OmegleSpin a go!

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Easily one of the best roulette sites! I love this site!

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This is easily the best alternative to omegle around, give it a try!!