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An excellent alternative to Omegle for those who want to random chat with strangers without a ton of rules and moderation, OmegleTV is an easy to use chatroulette site. The site is presented in an appealing way with a large chat platform taking up the top half of the site and some information about the service underneath. Users can connect to the chat straight away without having to sign up or fill in any personal information using the two-click system. The two-click system means you only have to click twice to chat – once to allow the site access to your webcam and once to click the ‘start’ button and get connected. Once connected to a stranger you can chat via text or microphone. If you want to move on to another person, simply click the ‘next’ button and you will instantly be connected with a new stranger. It is also possible to only connect with users from certain countries which is an ideal way to learn about other cultures or languages.

OmegleTV Features
There are plenty of features available on OmegleTV, all of which are available to every user and include:

• Modern and easy to use chat platform
• Get started in two-clicks: one to allow the webcam and the other to start chatting
• Thousands of users online at all times
• Click ‘next’ if you want to chat with someone else
• Filter users by country at the click of a button
• Chat via text or microphone
• In-chat customization such as webcam size

What We Like
A simple to use and heavily populated site, we love the ease at which you can use OmegleTV. Getting started literally takes two seconds and once you are chatting there are tons of fun people to connect with. We also love the ability to connect with people from a certain country only as it help you target what type of user you want to connect with.

What We Don’t Like
Although the site is very easy to use and has tons of users, we would like the ability to filter the users by more than just countries. It would be great to be able to filter them be age, sex, and other criteria to really match up with the ideal chatting partner.

If you’re fed up of using a site like Omegle that will ban you for the slightest misdemeanor, OmegleTV is the place for you. There is no need to worry about rules here and with thousands of users you aren’t losing the opportunity to connect with tons of strangers. The site is completely free to use so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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Like it says in the review it would be better if they had some extra features but in general this is a great site for meeting new people.

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This site is loads of fun, thanks for the review :)