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A chatroom application that can be used directly on your browser or downloaded onto a variety of devices, PalTalk offers its users a host of ways to connect with strangers and friends. The chatrooms can be used directly from your web browser via the website, however, they are more functional if you download the application onto your computer, smartphone, or tablet. To use the service you will need to create an account, however, users also have to pay a monthly subscription fee to unlock all the features and gain the ability to use all but the very basics. If you unlock all the features, you can browse a wide range of public chat rooms which are all webcam enabled including World Wide Karaoke, Soccer Fans Unite, Night Light, Fun Flirty & Fabulous and many more. There are over 5,000 chatrooms available, all of which are heavily populated with thousands of members. It is also possible to chat with friends and family privately in the app and to share videos and links from YouTube and Soundcloud.

PalTalk Features
There are a host of features available on PalTalk, however, it is not initially made clear that users must pay a monthly subscription to access all features. Benefits include:

• Use the chatrooms directly from a web browser
• Download the application onto a computer, tablet, or smartphone
• Browse over 5,000 chatrooms, all of which are webcam enabled
• Chatrooms include World Wide Karaoke, Soccer Fans Unite, Night Light, Fun Flirty & Fabulous and many more
• Thousands of users online at all times
• Chat with friends and family privately
• Post clips from YouTube and Soundcloud to the chatrooms

What We Like
There is a lot to like about PalTalk if you are willing to pay the monthly subscription. The range of chatrooms is extensive and covers every single topic you can imagine with many of the rooms regularly active with plenty of members. Additional features such as the ability to use the app on your phone means you can always keep in touch.

What We Don’t Like
A major drawback for us is the monthly subscription. It is fine for an application or service to charge users, however, PalTalk doesn’t make their charges or even the fact you will get charged clear upon signup which we feel is very dishonest.

If you’re looking for a sleek app that features lots of users and lots of chatrooms, PalTalk is a decent choice. However, the subscription fee means that we feel there are better alternatives out there where you can enjoy a similar service without paying a fee. If you aren’t concerned about paying a fee then PalTalk is certainly worth a try.

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It's ok but I got bored after a little while, it's hard to actually find people to chat to.

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I paid a subscription and believe me it's not worth it!!