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An excellent free chat site that is geared towards Spanish speakers, QuieroChat is the perfect way to connect with other Spanish speaking people or improve your Spanish. The site is very comprehensive with plenty of features available for all users. On the homepage you’ll find the latest chatting news from around the world with links to several different chat rooms. In the ‘LatinChat’ section you can chat and meet friends from all over Latin America either in your web browser or on a mobile. There are tons of chatrooms representing various countries throughout Latin America including Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, USA, Panama, Paraguay, Columbia, and many more. Each chat room is packed with features such as the ability to send private messages, large chat windows, and an attractive design. The other chat section is ‘TerraChat’ which has a list of chatrooms from different provinces in Spain. This is a great way to meet native Spanish people and find out about their customs or just life in Spain in general.

QuieroChat Features
There are plenty of features to avail of on QuieroChat without any registration required including:

• Read the latest chatting news in Spanish
• Meet loads of Spanish speakers in the two chat categories – LatinChat and TerraChat
• Chatrooms dedicated to specific countries including Argentina, USA, Columbia, and many more
• Meet people from specific regions in Spain in TerraChat
• Interest specific chatrooms such as friendship and ages 18-25
• In-chat features such as private messages and large chat windows

What We Like
This is a very well designed and comprehensive chat site that is perfect for anyone looking to chat in Spanish or improve their Spanish. The range of chatrooms is excellent and easily helps you meet people from specific countries and regions, or with specific interests. The chat platform itself is also highly functional and pleasant to use.

What We Don’t Like
The only minor drawback to QuieroChat is that because there are so many chatrooms, you may find it difficult to find one that has more than a few people in it. There are tons of users on the site but they are spread out over hundreds of chatrooms.

If you are looking to meet Spanish speakers, want to improve your Spanish, or wish to learn about the culture in another country or region, QuieroChat is the ideal place to go. There are a host of chatrooms to choose from and the chat platform is highly functional with lots of features. Using the service is free and doesn’t require registration meaning there is nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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Cool site for meeting Spanish speaking people, I am learning Spanish and find this site very useful :)