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An excellent group chat application, Rounds is available to download onto a smartphone or tablet and offers a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. There are numerous group chat and instant messaging services available to download onto your device and the tough competition has brought apps like Rounds to the fore. Rounds differs from other group chat apps due to the huge range of features available and the excellent connection when video or voice chatting. The interface of the app is very pleasing with the ability to customize the background of the chatting platform, the text font and color, and the contacts list. It works over any internet connection including 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, meaning you can make unlimited free calls. As well as the ability to chat with up to 12 people over video, the app also offers great ways to socialize with your friends such as drawing pictures, watching videos together in real time, and placing effects on your webcam.

Rounds Features
It is 100% free to download Rounds, with only a quick registration required to set up the app. Once you have created an account you can avail of all the features including:

• Free download to almost any smartphone or tablet
• Works over any internet connection such as 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi
• Unlimited free instant messages, voice calls, and video calls
• Group chat with up to 12 people at once
• Connect with Facebook to instantly connect with friends
• Use webcam effects for an extra level of fun
• Watch video together in real time
• Draw great pictures in the app to send to your friends
• Play games and video chat at the same time

What We Like
It is a competitive world in the group and instant chat application market, and while many apps don’t deliver on their promises, Rounds certainly does. The app runs very smoothly with more feature than any other similar app. We love the ability to watch videos, play games, and draw all while chatting to our friends.

What We Don’t Like
If you need an app for a mobile device, there really is no drawback to Rounds. The only thing we would like to see implemented is a desktop version of the app so we can use it on a PC. Besides for this, Rounds is the ideal group chat app.

Many people want more and more from their instant messaging and group chatting applications and Rounds has delivered in style. The app has a ton of ways to socialize with friends and family, making it much more than simply a messaging app. The group chat feature is also one of the most stable around, running smoothly even when 12 people are in the chat.

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This is a fairly good app with cool features but sometimes it freezes without any warning.

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If you can get your friends on it aswell, it's just as good as other messaging apps!