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A relatively new chat room site on the block, ShockRooms combines socializing with strangers over a webcam with social networking. The layout of the site is quite simple with the chat platform featured on the homepage. The only requirement need for using the chat rooms is a flash-enabled browser. Although you have the choice of broadcasting your webcam, it isn’t necessary for chatting and you can enjoy the service without a cam. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of chat rooms to choose from with users having the ability to create their own chatrooms and broadcast their webcam to other users in the chat room. You can choose to log in as a guest, simply creating a nickname for yourself, or sign up for a free account if you wish to preserve a nickname and create your own chat room. A really cool feature in the chat platform is the ability to instantly see how many girls and how many guys are in each room, allowing you to choose the chat room that suits you best.

ShockRooms Features
There are tons of features available on this cool site including:

• Use the chat rooms as a guest or register to save your nickname
• Thousands of chat rooms to choose from
• Create your own personal chat room with a specific topic
• Ability to broadcast your webcam if you desire
• Instantly see how many girls and guys are in each chat room
• Hundreds of thousands of users online at all times
• Add people as friends and keep in touch with private messages

What We Like
Chat rooms may seem a little outdated to some, however, we completely disregarded that notion when we arrived at ShockRooms. The flash chatrooms are immense fun and packed with fantastic features which enable you to quickly see what rooms have the most girls, private message other users, and broadcast your webcam either publically or privately.

What We Don’t Like
There aren’t any real drawback to this site if you’re in search of fun and interactive chatrooms. Perhaps the only downside we can find is that even though you can use the site as a guest you are slightly limited until you create a free account.

If you are in search of conversation, want to meet random strangers, or just feel like a chat, ShockRooms is the place to go. The site is simple and effective with plenty of members and lots of different chat room topics to choose from. Can’t find a topic you like? Simply create your own chat room and watch as hundreds of other users come in for a chat. We are certain you will love your time on ShockRooms.

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luca77's picture


I stumbled across this thanks to the review above and must say I like it so far! Has anyone here created an account on it?

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It's totally work creating an account luca77, you get way more features!