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Easily one of the most popular free chat applications available, Skype allows people to connect in a variety of ways. The application can be downloaded onto a PC, Mac, smartphone, and/or tablet and only takes a couple of minutes to set up. When using Skype for the first time, you will be requested to create a username, which is how your friends and family will be able to find you. Recent additions to Skype also allow you to connect your account to Facebook and makes it much easier to connect with people. The application is 100% free to download and use as a messaging service or to video call. However, Skype also provides a superb way to make cheap calls to mobile phones and landlines around the world by purchasing ‘Skype credit’ or by adding a subscription which is paid by the month. If you want to call, text message, or video chat with other Skype users the service is completely free. There are tons of features available with Skype and the clean interface makes it clear why it is one of the most popular ways to chat.

Skype Features
It is possible to get lots out of Skype without ever having to pay a cent and almost all features are available upon the creation of a free account. These include:

• Free download to PC, Mac, smartphones, and tablets
• Quick registration to create unique username
• Connect your account with Facebook to easily add friends
• Instantly message other Skype users
• Voice and video call other Skype users for free
• Create groups for group messaging and chat
• Add Skype credit or subscriptions for cheap calls to mobiles and landlines around the world
• Share your computer screen live over the application
• Send and receive files in an instant

What We Like
Quite simply, there is no other free chat application that offers the extensive range of features offered by Skype. The huge popularity of the software means that it is highly likely you will already have many friends and family using the service, and with the ability to download the application to your smartphone and tablet, you can always use it on the go.

What We Don’t Like
There is very little not to like about Skype, with perhaps the only issue being connectivity. Occasionally, messages may not push through to your mobile device immediately and you will have to open up the application to check for messages. Also, if your internet connection is poor you may have a poor video chat experience. However, you can check your connection status using the Skype tool before you begin a video chat.

If you want to keep in touch with friends and family, send files, share work, and have a huge range of features, Skype is the perfect application. There are so many great ways of using Skype that you are bound to love the service on offer and with the ability to connect with Facebook, it is easier than ever to stay in touch. Skype is also incredibly useful for cutting down your phone bill with hugely discounted mobile and landline calls.

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100% Free to Download; Free to Instant Message, Voice Call, and Video Call Other Skype Users; Pay As You Go Credit Allows You to Call Mobile and Landline Phones for as Little as 0.7 Cents per Minute; Monthly Subscriptions Start From $10 per Month
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Thanks for the great review of Skype. I use this application every day for work and to keep in touch with family. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have an easy way to communicate.

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There is simply no other application that can live with skype, perfect for messaging, video chat, and everything else!