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A really interesting free chat site, TwitCam allows users to connect and broadcast their webcam live on Twitter and other social networks. The idea of TwitCam is so simple, yet the function is unique and there are no other sites like it online. Using the site is very simple and all that is required to use it is a Twitter account and a webcam. The first step is to connect you webcam to the site by clicking ‘allow’ to give the site access to your webcam. You will be able to see the stream to ensure its ok and up to standard. Secondly, log in to the site with your Twitter account details. Once you have connected your Twitter account simply click on the ‘broadcast’ button to display your live webcam to your Twitter followers. When you are broadcasting, a link and a video description is sent to Twitter which people can then click on to see your live webcam. You can then engage in conversation with them via Twitter and when you’re finished the video is archived and displayed on the same page.

TwitCam Features
Although the idea of TwitCam is quite simple, there are a surprising number of features available including:

• Display your webcam live to all your Twitter followers
• All that’s required is a Twitter account and a webcam
• Engage in conversation with viewers via Twitter
• Post a link to your video and a description to Twitter
• Archive your video and display it on your Twitter feed
• A unique and fun way to connect with people

What We Like
TwitCam is an excellent idea, especially for those that want to interact with a large number of Twitter followers. The software is perfect for making an announcement, promoting a product, or simply having a chat with people. It is so simple to use and doesn’t cost a penny.

What We Don’t Like
There really isn’t any drawback to using TwitCam if you have planned a little in advance. Sometimes there can be a slight delay in getting questions or responses from viewers so it is best to set up a secondary line of communication.

If you’re looking for a fun way to connect with your Twitter followers, have an important announcement to make, or are trying to promote a product, using TwitCam can be an excellent tool. You can get started in three steps and it doesn’t cost a cent to use so we highly recommend giving it a try.

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I use this to promote my songs to my twitter followers and it works really well. Could do with a couple of extra features to make it easer to use but I recommend!

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Well worth using this to promote youself and avail of the cool features!