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A very simple and basic chatroulette site, USACamChat allows you to meet strangers online via webcam. The layout of the site is very simple with the chat platform on the homepage surrounded by flashing and distracting adverts. To get started you simply need to allow the site access to your webcam through your browser and then click ‘begin’. Once you have done this, you will be instantly connected with a random stranger who you can chat with via text, voice, and video. The site claims to have over 40,000 users online at all times, however, that is highly unlikely as when we used the service we ran into a few people more than once. Beyond the very basic chatting features the site is found wanting, with no option to filter the people you are connected with or customize your chat in any way. Essentially, this site is a glimpse into what random chat sites looked like when they first arrived on the scene, and it seems crazy to use such a basic service these days.

USACamChat Features
Unfortunately, features are lacking on USACamChat, however the service is completely free. Features include:

• Everything you need on the one page
• Start chatting in just two clicks
• Instantly meet thousands of other users in a simple way
• Chat via text, voice, and video
• Click ‘next’ to connect with someone new

What We Like
There isn’t too much that can be said in a positive way about USACamChat except for the fact that it is extremely simple to use and you can connect to it very quickly. We also like that everything is on the one page and is easy to find.

What We Don’t Like
Unfortunately, USACamChat is lagging behind most other random chat sites when it comes to presentation, features, and usability. The site is very outdated, there are no features beyond the very basic ones, and you have no customization options.

If you’re looking for a random chat site, we recommend checking out some of our other reviews. However, if you really want to give USACamChat a try it is free to use and you have nothing to lose by logging on and seeing who’s available for a chat.

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Don't bother, go to one of the other random sites.