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An excellent tool for broadcasting live streams, UStream allows people to expose their videos to millions of people around the world in a reliable, efficient, and personalized way. The UStream platform is very user-friendly, making it easy to pick up for beginners, but packed with extensive features to make it exciting for more experienced users. The platform allows users to utilize the social media streams of UStream to amplify their social presence and get their message across to a worldwide audience at the click of a button. An easy to manage CMS means you can organize your videos neatly and efficiently, whether you have 10 or 10,000 and the intuitive interface allows you to tag, review, sort, and upload thousands of videos with ease. The platform can be embedded into any website and unwanted syndications can be easy managed and controlled, enduring you have full control over your live broadcast or uploaded videos. The platform is used by some of the top companies and individuals in the world, highlighting its worth and providing a superb reference for the software.

UStream Features
There are countless features available with UStream and new features are being added all the time. The main features include:

• Free trial to get to grips with the software and see if you like it
• Access to HD live broadcasting, perfect for impressing users and receiving attention
• Paid plans all include unlimited storage in an easy to manage CMS
• Pre-record broadcasts and make changes to perfect the video before it is released
• The software can be downloaded onto any mobile or tablet device
• Gain access to UStream’s social media streams to reach a wider audience
• No adverts interrupting your broadcast

What We Like
An essential platform for anyone who is serious about gaining maximum attention for their broadcasts, UStream is among the best applications of its kind. There is so much to like about UStream from the social media integration to the unlimited storage options to being able to bring the software with you on the go.

What We Don’t Like
There is only one drawback to using UStream which has been mentioned on countless forums and that is once you have uploaded your video there are no editing tools to make further tweaks. This is hugely frustrating as you have to ensure you get it right first time or else you will have to erase and upload the video again.

If you are seeking to raise your profile with a professional, yet easy to use application, UStream is the one to choose. It has so many features to play with which will ensure you are creating the perfect broadcast and reaching the right people. Countless major companies and successful individuals recommend UStream and we do too.

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Free Trial Available for New Members; Pro Plans Range from $99 to $999 with a Host of Features Available
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Great Reputation
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Give it a go and you will love this software. I use it all the time and its constantly being updated and improved.

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Excellent service, well worth using!!