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An excellent chatroulette site that is dedicated to Russian speakers, VideoChatRU allows users to connect randomly with Russian speakers from all over the world. The site has a very similar layout to other chatroulette style sites, making it easy to navigate straight away, even if you are not fluent in Russian. The chat platform is featured on the homepage and it takes just two clicks to get started. The first click is to allow the browser access to your webcam so you can be seen and heard by the other person and the second click is on the central button to begin chatting. You will meet thousands of Russian speakers using this site with the ability to easily click the next button if you want to move on. This presents a perfect way to either improve your Russian linguistic skills, chat with people from home if you are away and missing Russia, or simply make some new Russian friends. The site can also be shared on social media to encourage your friends to join in the fun.

VideoChatRU Features
The site is 100% free to use and includes the following features:

• Meet and make friends with Russian speakers from all over the world
• Get started in just two clicks
• Chat with people via text, voice, and webcam
• Great way to improve your Russian linguistic skills
• Perfect for those who are away and missing Russia
• Ideal for learning about the Russian culture
• Ability to meet a new person by simply clicking the next button

What We Like
We love it when sites makes it easy for people to connect and communicate and we like it even more when sites find a great niche. That is exactly what VideoChatRU has done with the ability to chat with people in Russian in a safe and friendly environment.

What We Don’t Like
Due to the nature of the site, it can be quite low in traffic during the early hours of the Russian morning and during the early afternoon in Russia also. If you want to meet people here, you are best timing your visit when it is evening or late at night in Russia.

There are many random chat sites around which have their default language as English and it is nice to see one dedicated to the huge number of Russian people who love to play chatroulette. VideoChatRU is the perfect place to improve your Russian, make a new Russian friend, or chat with people from home if you are away from Russia. It is completely free to use and certainly worth a try!

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100% Free
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Trusted Site
Great Reputation
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Basically as it says, great for meeting Russian speakers and learning more about the country.