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A very basic chatroulette style site, WhirlCam matches users randomly via webcam. When landing on the homepage you are presented with a lot of text and ads, making it quite an unpleasant arrival. Hidden among the pages of text is a button which says ‘enter now’ and brings you to the chat platform. Upon clicking on the button, the chat platform opens up in a new window, so ensure you don’t have a popup blocker activated, and displays a very basic chatting interface. The interface is also littered with ads, however, you can get started by allowing the site access to your webcam and clicking on the next button. The site is very sparsely populated and in fact while using it we only came across two other users who we kept meeting every time we pressed next. The chatting interface has a text box which allows you to communicate with the other users you are connected with.

WhirlCam Features
Although completely free to use, WhirlCam is very much lacking in features. Users can make use of the following:

• Chat live with random users via webcam
• Completely free to use with no sign up
• Start chatting with just two clicks
• Allow the site access to your webcam and then hit next
• Move on to another random person by clicking next
• Lots of ads connecting you to live cam sites

What We Like
Unfortunately, there isn’t much that we enjoyed about our experience on WhirlCam. The only good thing to say is that the chatting platform is easy to use and you can get started in just two clicks without having to fill in any signup forms or pay any fees.

What We Don’t Like
There is a lot that can be improved about WhirlCam from the layout of the site to the removal of the intrusive ads to the addition of features in the chatting interface. Perhaps if these changes were made more people would use the service and you could find more than a couple of people to chat with.

If you’re looking for a chatroulette site, we suggest you look elsewhere. WhirlCam looks like a dusty relic of a site with minimal features and minimal effort put in to the running of it. The ads are incredibly frustrating and the fact there is no one using the service essentially makes it worthless. It is free to use so give a try if you like, however, there are far better free random chat sites around.

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If you want to chat randomly there's tons more better sites out there liike chatroulette.com

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Visit chatrandom.com instead, its easily the best site around!

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There are much better roulette sites to find with more ppl to meet.