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One of the original free chat applications, YahooMessenger has been around for many years. The software has been hugely popular since the 90s, providing users a way to keep in touch with friends in a simple and user-friendly way. Today, YahooMessenger has been fully upgraded to integrate loads of new features and fun ways to connect with friends, helping it maintain its popularity. The software is available to download for free onto any computer, smartphone, or tablet and can be set up in a couple of minutes by choosing a username and registering an email address. If you’re not a fan of downloading software onto your computer you can also use the service directly from a web browser. As well as the classic instant messaging service, YahooMessenger has also integrated a ton of exciting features such as the ability to make voice calls to other users for free, the ability to chat via webcam, access to a host of plug-ins, and many more fun features.

YahooMessenger Features
YahooMessenger is one of the most jam-packed free chat applications when it comes to features, all of which are free and include, but aren’t limited to:

• Free download onto computer, smartphone, or tablet
• Ability to use the service directly from a web browser
• Connect with friends via instant message, voice calls, and webcam
• Send SMS messages from YahooMessenger for free
• Transfer and share pictures, videos, and files
• Huge range of plug-ins to enhance your chatting experience
• Play games in the application with friends
• Customize alerts, text font, status message, and numerous other customization abilities

What We Like
YahooMessenger has been top of the pile since instant messaging was available over the internet and the constant additions of features and upgrades to the software means it has always remained there. No other instant messaging service offers the customization, personalization, and simplicity or YahooMessenger, not to mention the wide array of features.

What We Don’t Like
The only small drawback to YahooMessenger is that is has a reputation for installing malware when you download it onto your computer. Many users report the software installing a toolbar onto their web browser without permission. However, if you are careful when downloading it and ensure you get it from the official website, there shouldn’t be any issues.

Since YahooMessenger first launched there has been a huge spike in instant messaging services, however, none of them offer the same excellent service that is provided by YahooMessenger. The interface is pleasant and user-friendly, the application is quick and runs smoothly, and the features are extensive and exciting. If you want one of the best instant messaging services around, we recommend you download YahooMessenger.

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Yahoo messenger is still amazing even after having it for over 10 years!

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This is one of the best chatting apps around, easy to use and really quick!