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A fun chatrooms site which combines chatting and social networking, YapChat has over 1,000 chatrooms with varying topics to choose from. The site is very straight forward to use with a list of chatrooms presented on the homepage, displayed by topic name. You can browse the topics and select a chatroom that appeals to you which will load the chat application from where you can either stay in the room or change to a new chatroom. There is no registration required to use the service and you can chat as a guest, choosing a temporary ID to use so people can identify you. The chatrooms have full webcam integration which allows you to choose to display your cam to others or if you like you can watch other people’s cams and just use the text chat option. Users can create their own chatroom with any topic they like and select whether they want the room to be a video chatroom where all users can display their webcams or simply a broadcasting chatroom where the host’s webcam is the only one on display.

YapChat Features
There are tons of features to take advantage of in YapChat, all of which are completely free and include:

• Social networking by accessing a network of thousands of users
• Free chat profile registration or simply log in as a guest
• All chat rooms are text, voice, and video enabled
• Watch up to three webcams simultaneously
• No software required, use the service directly from your web browser
• Huge range of rooms to choose from and ability to create your own room
• Chat in private or public with tons of customization options

What We Like
YapChat is what the future of chatrooms is all about with loads of customization options and the ability to use the service without signing up. The fact that users can create their own chatrooms means that the topics available are much more interesting than standard chatroom topics and there is always thousands of people online.

What We Don’t Like
The only small drawback to YapChat is that it is powered by the same company that runs iWebcam and DareChat meaning you are likely to see the same features and rooms on all three sites. However, this also means that more people are available to chat with on all three sites.

If you’re looking for traditional chatrooms with a modern twist, check out YapChat. This is chatting of the future with the ability to create rooms, customize your experience, and chat over webcam, voice, and text. You are sure to have loads of fun with the thousands of other users and with no sign up required you have nothing to lose by checking it out.

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Loads of different topics to talk about and loads of cool people - Yapchat is the bomb!

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One of the best chatroom sites around and there's always tons of people to make friends with!