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A really cool free chat application, YouNow allows users to broadcast themselves to a huge community and to watch other broadcasts or read messages from people all over the world. The site is relatively new and has an excellent and modern layout which is very intuitive. To use the service you only need to log in with a social media account such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, or create an account, there are no fees to pay. Once you have created an account you can take advantage of the awesome features such as clicking ‘go live’ to start broadcasting yourself to a live audience and begin growing a fan base. Many people have used this service to gain internet notoriety or to expand their social media profile. As well as broadcasting yourself you can also discover other people who are displaying live broadcasts and discover new talents and maybe the next big thing! The community is extremely vocal and active, making it a fun and exciting place to chat.

YouNow Features
There are tons of features available on YouNow including:

• Free to use social media, networking and chatting service
• Simply log in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus to begin
• App available on smartphones and tablets so you can keep in touch on the go
• Broadcast yourself live to a huge audience and build up a following
• Great way to promote your talent or increase your social media following
• Discover and connect with other broadcasters
• Personalize what you want to see and who you want to connect with

What We Like
YouNow is an exciting development that essentially takes the best parts of YouTube and social networking sites to create an instant and fun way to communicate. There are already thousands of users on YouNow meaning you have a potentially massive audience to broadcast to or a massive number of broadcasts to discover yourself.

What We Don’t Like
One feature that YouNow is missing is the ability to re-watch a broadcast once it has finished. This is something that would be hugely useful and something that we ear is in the pipeline for the future.

If you love watching YouTube videos of people singing, dancing, reviewing products, or giving advice, you will love YouNow. The site lets you instantly watch thousands of live broadcasts, make new friends, and discover amazing people. You can broadcast yourself and gain a whole new following, maybe even becoming a cult hero! It is free to use and certainly worth checking out.

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100% Free
Free Chat
Free Cam Shows
Trusted Site
Great Reputation
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I only signed up for this recently and think its ok but a bt complicated. Maybe it will get better.

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Really great way to get your message out to a big audience! Takes a while to learn the ropes but worth it!